"Pilgrims" series

Long before our nation fought for independence, a small group of settlers sought to carve out their own freedom and independence. They became known in history as “Pilgrims”. This series follows the Pilgrims from what motivated them to come to the new world through to seeing them establish and found a thriving society. From their first encounters with Native Americans, to the first Thanksgiving, to seeing the need to change the whole structure of their economy. It dives into who they were as people, as families and as devout Christians all while staying true to the actual history as recorded by them. They were faced with many challenges but it can clearly be seen that Gods hand of providence was guiding them all along the way.

Our team

Director - Keith Perna

Producers - Paul & Sheilah Munger

Writers - David and Liz Hansen

We recently filmed a short fifteen minute proof of concept film in Virginia called "Pilgrims Torch". It's currently in post production. It will be used for the purpose of raising the funds needed for the series and promoting the series.