Casting "Pilgrim torch"

"Pilgrims Torch" 
This is a fourteen minute torch (promotional short film) being filmed for the series "Pilgrims".


Long before our nation fought for independence, a small group of settlers sought to carve out their own freedom and independence. They became known in history as “Pilgrims”. This series follows the Pilgrims from what motivated them to come to the new world through to seeing them establish and found a thriving society. From their first encounters with Native Americans, to the first Thanksgiving, to seeing the need to change the whole structure of their economy. It dives into who they were as people, as families and as devout Christians all while staying true to the actual history as recorded by them. They were faced with many challenges but it can clearly be seen that Gods hand of providence was guiding them all along the way.

This is the same project that launched back in July 2023. However we now have a new and improved script and a bigger budget to work with. This new script brings with it changes to the cast and locations among other things.


November 6th - 11th 2023 in Virginia.

Our team

Director - Keith Perna

Producers - Paul & Sheilah Munger

Writers - David and Liz Hansen


This is a nonunion project.

Pay will be $150 a day. Travel and housing expenses will be covered. IMDB credit. Potential to be cast in the larger series.

Submission instructions

Please submit a self-tape audition by October 9th 2023.

Auditions and inquiries Email

Anyone within the United States may submit. However if you live in or near Virginia  that's a plus.

Character breakdowns / requirements

For historical accuracy the following characters are all English. However anyone who could pass for English is welcome to audition. Background talent is needed that are both English and Native American.

William Bradford - He goes from one of the leaders of the Pilgrims to eventually becoming Governor of the colony. He’s humble yet decisive and a great moral compass.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  25 - 40

Myles Standish - The Pilgrims military leader. He lead several confrontations with some of the more hostile Native Americans. A strong leader, skilled strategist and somewhat hotheaded.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  30 - 45

John Carver - The first Governor of the Pilgrims and Plymouth. His Governorship was short lived but significant as he lead the way for the Mayflower compact and a peace treaty with Massasoit and the Wampanoag. Eloquent and Strategic.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  35 - 50

William Brewster - When the Pilgrims left for the new world they left their Pastor John Robinson behind. They needed a new spiritual leader and that man was selected to be William Brewster. A mature Christian man and great leader.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  45 - 60

Remember - A curious and optimistic girl. Her curiosity sometimes gets her into trouble. She sees beauty in their new home when others in their company do not.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  5 - 9

Mary Brewster - A comforting wife and companion to William Brewster. She is also very protective of Remember. She’s encouraging and wise with her words.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  40 - 55

Captain Jones - A seasoned captain who does his job well. He’s initially not fond of the idea of transporting the Pilgrims across the Atlantic. A by the books and practical man.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  45 - 60

Thomas Weston - A very successful Merchant. He agrees to help the Pilgrims make their way to the new world in hopes they will in return help enrich him with resources from the land there. He’s smart but self centered.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  30 - 45

Merchant - An opportunistic business man who looks for ways of self gain. He challenges the idea of a single colony when it becomes evident that the Pilgrims are outside their charter.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  30 - 45

Shipman - A young arrogant sailor who hates the Pilgrims and wants to be rid of them as soon as possible.

Ethnicity: English  

Age:  18 - 30 

Background actors needed of all ages for various scenes. Required to live in the Virginia area.

Actor sides available here.