Meet the Characters of It's A Life Worth Living

Meet Dave. Growing up did you have a good buddy, a best friend? You know that friend you can count on, no matter what. Did your parents approve of your friends? Did your friends have a strong influence on your decision-making skills? You be the judge friend or foe? Dave is portrayed by Marco Zaccagnini

Meet Older Jasmin. Throughout life she’s always wanted to do what is right. She loves coming home to her cat and is settled in her neat apartment, not too excited for her job but it’s an income. She finally takes years of pain and turns it to joy by a once in a lifetime encounter. Older Jasmin is portrayed by Delores Harris

Meet Jasmin’s Mom. We all want what’s best for our children, right? Her care and concern leave her daughter even more confused. Have you ever struggled with motherly advise? Jasmin’s Mom is portrayed by Shelby Bradley

Meet Jasmin’s Dad. Sometimes a father can feel helpless when protecting his family. What would you do if your family was faced with the enemy & the violence? Jasmin’s Dad is portrayed by Paris Jones

Meet Dr. Safar.  This doctor knows there’s more to the oath to help someone heal in sickness. Dr. Safar has a gift to help others heal their heart, mind and spirit. Will he be able to get through to John before it’s too late? Dr. Safar is portrayed by Samer Ajluni

Meet Rick. Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to. Rick is a fair and just man. Circumstances arise that force him to make a hard decision, a decision that’s been coming for far too long. Rick is portrayed by Tim Kaiser

 Meet Wise Woman on the Bus. Did you ever come across someone and they said something that was so pivotal in your life but you ignored them? As it turns out they were helping you. Later, you realize this and never had the chance to thank that person…or was it an Angel? Wise Woman on the Bus is portrayed by Martha Reeves

Meet George. We’ve all met that someone who reached out to us as a friend. However, we wrongly felt we didn’t need them. Maybe we felt this person was pushy, nosy and meddling. Because just maybe, we are hiding the truth? George is portrayed by Antonio Mireles

Meet Jasmin. She’s such a go-getter, great friend, and works hard to have her own apartment. Jasmin’s life is going along smoothly until out of the blue something unthinkable happens. Jasmin is portrayed by Shawntay Dalon

Meet Gabe. He’s a great brother and cares deeply about his family, something beyond his control has caused him anger and resentment. He can’t show the love he used to, or can he? Gabe is portrayed by James Whitton

Meet Eloise Gesler. She tries to hide her pain only a mother can have, always holding onto hope. Everything she’s worked so hard for is falling apart. Can she be the voice of reason? Eloise Gesler is portrayed by Nancy Lynette Parker

Meet Richard Gesler. He raised his boys to have a strong Christian faith although he didn’t always model it as he should. As a father, he encouraged his sons to be their best. Faced with adversity and trying to figure out the best way to handle many difficult situations and keep the Faith? No one ever said parenting is easy…  Richard Gesler is portrayed by Dan Watson

Meet Charles. He has a gift to help others speak the truth. Sometimes someone’s pain is a part of God’s plan to heal others. Charles is portrayed by Rich Swingle

Meet Kayla. She works hard at a job she’s committed to. She works even harder on her relationships, knowing it shouldn’t ever be “that” hard. Kayla is faced with circumstances that are painful and distrustful. Enduring more than she bargained for, there’s a lot of healing that’s needed. Kayla is portrayed by Angela Roberts Johnson

Meet John Gesler. Adopted and brought up in a loving yet imperfect home along with his adopted brother Gabe. What possibly could have manifested into adulthood leaving John struggling and feeling so unvalued? John’s waywardness is affecting relationships of everyone around him, the very same people that want to help, he keeps pushing away. Can this big support system help him or does he need to seek something more profound in his life? John Gesler is portrayed by Daniel Jeffries